Paying for a course

If payment is required you will need to pay for the materials before you can get access to the course materials.

You can directly pay for the course materials using a credit card by clicking the Pay by credit card link. If the payment is successful you will be able to access the materials right away.

Note: CompClass Notes, Limited is an Irish company so it is possible that your bank will charge an international transaction fee. CCN does not have any control over these fees.

If you purchased a voucher you can click the Redeem voucher link.

Alternatively you can ask someone else to pay for the materials by clicking on the Ask for Money button. This will ask you for the email of the benefactor and a place to write a personal message. The benefactor will receive an email explaining what is being requested and a link to pay for the materials. Once the materials have been paid for you will receive an email letting you know the materials have been paid for.

Once paid for the link will become live and you can see all the course materials.

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